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One accident, one argument, one mistake — that can be all it takes to change your life forever. Fortunately, you don’t have to try and set things right all on your own. I am here to guide you through the legal aspects of your situation, to create options where it feels like you have none, and to fight for what’s right for you both in and out of the courtroom.

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Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, & Family Law Attorney in Lubbock, TX

Criminal Law

Let’s Face It. Everyone Tries to Follow the Law But, Sometimes Things Happen. Austin Carrizales Law, Pllc Can Help from The Moment You Need an Attorney until The Completion of Trial (if Necessary). Speaking as The Firm’s Founder and Attorney, I Will Take the Time to Explain and Explore Every Option You Have Available and Help You Make the Best Decision to Fit Your Situation.

Title IX

The Title IX statute was created with a clear and honorable purpose — to make education and educational programs equally accessible to male and female students. Unfortunately, though, Title IX enforcement is sometimes excessive. Students who make a simple mistake — like publicly fighting with a boyfriend or girlfriend — can face criminal charges or be expelled based on Title IX rules.

Family Law

Nobody wants to be involved in a legal dispute, especially one that’s emotionally exhausting. But taking legal action now could pave the way toward a brighter, healthier future for you and yours. So don’t put this off. Call me to learn more about your rights and options, and I’ll do everything I can to help you move forward with your life.

Personal Injury

You just picked up your children from school and decide to surprise them by taking them for ice cream. As you drive down Slide road, the driver of a semi-truck runs a red light, crashing into your SUV. You wake up on the way to the hospital in an ambulance and you immediately begin to worry about your children and you ask the EMS “what happened?”


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About Austin

Lubbock is my home, and I care about the people in my community. That’s why I protect their rights at work, and it’s also why I recently ran for state representative of District 84. In both of these roles, I am striving to restore West Texas values by representing the everyday person and giving a voice to our minorities (who, in fact, make up about 52% of our population).

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If you’re like me, this time of year we all start seeing social media posts about income tax returns. The memes are endless, joking about how we are going to spend our tax returns. Family law is the area of law that I maintain the least amount of cases, but it can be...


A little over three years ago, I decided to venture out of the civil litigation realm and start practicing criminal defense. The idea of getting to court more often was exciting and I looked forward to pushing prosecutors because I was used to being the one setting...


Let me start this off by letting you now that I’m trying to be nice, but the simple answer is: No. That little voice inside my mind is screaming: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? From the moment you call your insurance company to report a wreck, they are trying to mitigate...

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Note: All personal injury are worked on contingency, which means you will not be billed unless I recover money on your behalf.