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If you have been charged with Assault Domestic, click here to set an appointment to learn my recommended best practices after you have been accused of this crime. I’m going to provide some information below, but as each situation is different, I encourage you to seek 1 on 1 legal advice with an attorney.

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In Texas, Assault Domestic is a Class A misdemeanor
To qualify as  Assault Domestic, must have intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly caused injury to someone (this is the definition of Assault), and that person must be someone who is a member of your family and a member of your household and a person with whom the defendant has or has had a dating relationship with, as described by the family code.
But what does this mean? As an example, if Person A strikes their girlfriend, Person B, then this would be the definition of Assault Domestic. It is important to note that this crime is NOT limited to men. At the time I’m writing this 8 of my 12 current Assault Domestic cases are against female clients allegedly assaulting others. Assault Domestic is also NOT limited to your significant other, but can be another family member or victim that was from a result of a dating relationship. Have you ever heard of a wife catching her husband cheating with a “sidechick” and then the wife decides to fight the husband’s new lover? This is also Assault Domestic.
Other important things to note is that Assault Domestic is an enhanceable offense, meaning you can be charged with a higher crime under certain circumstances. Often times I receive clients that come in for a consultation whose charges read: Assault DV Strangle. This is a 3rd degree felony and means that the State believes you committed the Assault Domestic above, and while doing so you put your hands on the throat of the other party. 
While most cases have the same elements, each case’s unique facts will determine the outcome of the case. My personal best advice: set an appointment immediately. 
Real life example of how easy it is to be charged with a felony:
I once represented a gentleman who was about the size of an NFL linebacker. He was meeting an ex to get back some of his things in a public place. While meeting, her new boyfriend decided to attack him with one of those squeegees you use to clean bugs off your car. My client reached out his hand to stop from being struck with the object, and ended up stopping her new boyfriend by grabbing him around the neck.  He was charged with a felony because he looked like the aggressor and stopped the guy but stretching out his arm and grabbing his neck. We were able to review video footage of the incident which helped change the outcome of my client’s case. 
However, if that video was not available, we might have needed to extract cell phone data to prove the kind of person we were dealing with in his ex. You never know what evidence the state will have, so it is best to preserve everything you can for your best defense.


Austin has been absolutely amazing throughout the process of my investigation. He always responds in a timely manner and gives great legal advice. He was always looking out for me and really going the extra mile in protecting me. On top of his exceptional legal help, he is also a super nice guy, who really restored some confidence in my situation.

I truly couldn’t have made it through my situation without his help. Highly recommend to anyone in Lubbock seeking legal advice, you will not be disappointed.

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Austin took really good care of me when I had a situation arise. He was prompt, honest and delivered. I trust him for any legal matters I may have.

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Austin is a great guy and also a fantastic lawyer I can tell y’all he honestly cares about his clients and he is quick to respond and very efficient and it’s been truly a blessing to work with him so if you want some one that genuinely cares and will get you results it’s Austin

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