Let me start this off by letting you now that I’m trying to be nice, but the simple answer is: No. That little voice inside my mind is screaming: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? From the moment you call your insurance company to report a wreck, they are trying to mitigate their losses. If you don’t believe me, do something first… call a relative and let them know you were in a wreck and might be hurt. They will ask you the save questions an insurance company will:

Where did it happen? What is hurting you? Did you have to go by ambulance to the hospital? How bad does it hurt?

What’s the difference?

Your family is asking because they want to know you are okay. The insurance company is asking you those questions, along with a few others, to see if they can put any liability, AKA negligence, on YOU (their faithful customer who pays their premiums). If you start to get the following questions, you could harm your case based upon your answer:

How many seconds before impact did you see the other vehicle? Were you able to try and avoid the collision? How did you maneuver to try and get out of the way? Were you on your cell phone?

At this point, hang up. Call a lawyer and let them do the talking for you. Remember that you are likely still in shock from the wreck and telling an insurance adjustor “I think I’m okay” before you go to a specialist and find out you have a bulging disc can cost you down the road. By the time your adrenaline wears off and you start to feel the pain of your injuries, it will be too late. That recorded phone call will be the basis of their dispute for not giving you full value for your medical care.

Don’t believe me?

Ask anyone who has been in a wreck if their insurance company tried to only pay a portion of the medical bills. Call another attorney and ask that question. Trust me, the insurance companies are out to pay you the LEAST amount possible but will have no trouble raising your premium.

Austin Carrizales has practiced personal injury since becoming licensed in both Texas and New Mexico. He takes pride in going to court for his clients and feels that you should always ask your attorney when his last trial was. His firm, Austin Carrizales Law, PLLC, has represented clients in cases that have recovered as little as $12,000 and as much as $3,750,000. That was only in 2018.